Wednesday, July 13, 2011


we shall not wait for weekend to come, to enjoy ourselves.

went to the bank to settle some bills. ask my husband to drop by at the 7-eleven for some bread, yogurt and milk.

went back home, request mr hubby to hang out by the pool side, have some yogurt and end up jumping into the pool at 9pm! hahhahahahahah

best sangat. and the rest of the stories is 18sx.

so pepaham sendiri.


  1. bodoh. u dont have to write the part about the 18sx. now i dah ada menda pelik-pelik and disgusting in my head dah.

  2. hahahahah memang i sengaja sebab u! muahaah yes menjadi yahoOOOOoo

  3. -_-"

    you and i punya 18sx sessions lagi best dari you and nik WAHAHAH.

  4. muahaha owh yes. but this time we dont have any