Monday, July 25, 2011

posterior placenta

pulaks! sat low lying placenta, ni posterior placenta pula.
but anyway it is a better news for me, as posterior placenta is nothing to be worried about. and i should trust my al-islam medical center more because she is the specialist rather than my hospital kuala lumpur doctor. :-)
no wonder i can feel more of the baby kicks because of this condition. i believe this is a blessing because the kicking so far has been gentle and so serene.
i love every kicks as it makes me smile.

any HOOooooOO Dr Norlida confirm that my baby is a girl. as she ask me if i know already or not, i told her NO> so the answer wont be bias. as she scan the baby, she says can only see lines. so insya allah it is a baby girl. i am so happy!

okay..let go on with the shopping stuff shall we

i kept my baby stuff in this box, where once is my wedding bed spread heh:-)

this shoe, my mum yang beli because she cannot tahan the cuteness.
cheap rompers.
this is baby girl 1st pink baju. bought at this iranian shop for rm39. so cute!
what i bought so far...
my baby gonna wear white for her first 1 months of life. her grandma dont like colors on newborn babies.
cant wait to add more to this:-)


  1. waaa!besnya tgk baju baby!!cuteness!!hehe~

  2. yun:sangat cuteeee...xsabar nak shopping lagi sabtu ni kat midvalley. nak beli tempat mandi baby

  3. kadang2, bila belek baju baby, boleh buat leka kan...xperasan org sekeliling dah...hehe...

  4. muahahah betul...tapi penat la shopping. i xde stamina hahah