Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 months pregnant

and insya allah still counting. 28 weeks! wowiee junior juuu..

anyway, this past few days baby kick less. so i decided to play with her. been poking her a few time and wait for a response and she did kick back. hehe. trying a few times and she did response the same way. so happy.

i wonder why she move less nowadays. should google later.
however i notice that my strength suddenly has drop into the first trimester level. owh nOOOoOO i am so tired.

and my nausea seem to be coming back again.yikes.

other than the heartburn i am alhamdullilah okay.
insya allah.
this monday gonna have an appointment at the staff clinic at o&g. malas but im still going. even though they wont check much. but never mind.

just for the sake of hearing the baby heartbeat trough the doppler will make me happy anyway.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

pregnancy and working

OMG. it is so tiring.i feel like screaming and crying at the same time just waiting for the time to passes by.
i wish i am working in the office enviroment where you work while sitting and just the stress that burden you. instead as i am working in the hospital, i am both physically and mentally burden. it is so tiring. i wanna die.

as i reach home all i wanna do is to climb on the bed and go to sleep. of course that is not gonna happen as i have other things to do as well.


Friday, August 26, 2011

polka dots

i went to one of the textile shop to buy a few metres of this cotton cloth to make the extra pillow and bolster case for my baby.
i am pretty sure i'll need to change them frequently.
and i already bought a few bed sheet in aussino, what is left is the pillow case.

i am going to ask either my collague to do it for me or my auntie. weeeeee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

i wanna write something smart

i have so many ideas to pour on into my blog, but then i know not most of the people can accept your opinion. i may not be the type of person who cares of what people think of me,but i do care that i dont want to offend people unnecessarily.i am that nice even though maybe physically i am a bit rough. but those who are close to me shall know that i am a soft heart-ed person and loveable too.

i love to dress up actually, put on some make up and all. but as i am pregnant, i hate doing all those dolly up. all i can think of is put on something comfy and that will be enough. that explain my hideous outfit and shoe(i wear crocs 24/7) and my increasing body weight doesnt suit me well to actually be fashionable. but i dont really care how people see me dress up.i may look poor and ugly but i dont really care because i am so comfortable. all i care is that my clothes are clean.that explain my torn out lab coat pocket that i sew back on with a black thread instead of white.hahahha.

the fact that i am so lazy nowadays, omg! i dont do my work properly anymore. simply only.i have no passion whatsoever, that i blame raya for a while. after raya maybe im gonna blame the pregnancy again. hahaah just for the sake of malas? no.i just dont have the mood anymore.i dont see myself as a pharmacist in a long run. perhaps i am gonna change my career soon if i have the guts to do so. i think i might have a better prospect being a lecturer or a businesswomen because i have this skills of convincing others and i am actually friendly and awesome towards customers. but not my free patient. i am so sorry for that.

owh since my pregnancy, i do appreciate my mother more, can see how horrible it is for her to carry me 9 months with 2 other children already. the household chores and career. i feel so humility just thinking of it. and so i am trying my best to be good to my mother. i feel so bad and ashamed of how i have behave before. feel so bless to have such a mother.

owh apekah yang sudah daku merepek ini. ini lah bahana makan 2 suap tiramisu secret recipe membuatkan daku tidak boleh tidur. husband dok mengeruh kat sebelah sebab kena 10ml ubat batuk. haha

this raya insya allah gonna be the best. because all of my sibling gonna be here for hari raya for the first time. totally gonna take a lots of pictures. to be kept as memories. i am pretty sure next year and so on it is gonna be a hard one because my sister and i are now married. for sure we have to go back to kelantan as well. and i cant wait to raya there too because my sister and i are married to the same family! my sister married to my husband cousin. so yeah awesome.
and i have a lots of bestfriend in kelantan as well.

owh until then..
i have a new disease. cant stop thinking of buying baby aleena stuff. haha i wanna give the best for my baby. i wanna prepare properly for my little one as i am so in love with my baby aleena already. especially after seeing her face today. weeee ya allah i am praying to you to keep my baby and me healthy and make my baby as perfect as you can give me. insya allah amin...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my baby face

my baby is now 960gm! yay! and my weight after a month of last check up increase OMG another 0.5kg!
my baby aleena face! yay! doctor do a 3d scan just now, masya allah.i am so happy!

a little bit shopping i did for her at sogo.

list of what i want

1. i want a new simple handphone(for calling,smsing,mms and picture taking)
2. i want a holiday
3.i want new clothes.
4.i want new shoe
5.i want new panties and bra
6.i want to eat something nice
7.i want to be healthier. been sick for the past 6 months. coughing, asthma.
8.i want to be worry free even for a day
9.i want to be pampered.
10.i want to go to spa.

im hungry. i want good food.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how to make trifle my way

trifle my way.
you need:
1. sponge cake/swiss roll.
2.peach in can/strawberry/cocktail fruits
:-) need to lay down the swiss tight as possible.and press it to flat.


2.2. then open a can of cocktails and pour the syrup onto the cake wet them. and press flat the cake. then array the cocktails onto the cake.

3.then pour in the custard you make earlier onto the cake.(custard mix with milk and sugar..only add water if necessary, stir continuously to avoid burn)

4. and then...let it cool a bit, before arrange peach on top of it.
5. and then, pour strawberry jelly on top of it. ( i used nona strawberry jelly, easy pitsy just follow the instruction at the back of the box) .until it cover all the fruits.

6. and then, chill and ready to be serve.. .....

Monday, August 22, 2011

im in pain

im in pain...all the time. sigh..confuse if the baby is okay or not.worried that im not doing the best for the baby.worried for everything and i hate it

Saturday, August 20, 2011

rumah in laws

at first my husband je nak balik. but i feel like going back too. my whole body is aching now but it is worth it. lama dah tak balik sini.

and look what my papa bought for me... yeay vintage

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cramping leg

today for the first time at 3am, i got a cramp leg that lasted for 1 hour! i end up crying. my husband wakes up, panic and try to help out. he went on the search for minyak angin and help out to massage my leg until it is okay. sigh.
painful. subahanallah.
nanti masa bersalin aku nagis jugak ke? alamak.

syukur lega masa mengandung husband is around. to those yang husband jauh, tabahnya.

Monday, August 15, 2011

shopping spree baby stuff

the comforter set. lovely!(ada pillow, bolster)

hasil tangkapan ini hari.
bedspread damn cheap.rm29.90 for 2 pieces each.
towel and wash cloths
baby new blouse"-)

i kan dah tergedik-gedik tunggu bonus raya right! so today luckily i memang on holiday, and the bonus came in, i went for a shopping spree with my mum!.
actually memang dah aiming the bedspread and all. so sebelum aussino menamatkan salenya, harus pergi.

so dah beli comforter set, towel, wash cloths, dah ada 5 bed spread! yay! alhamdullilah.and one extra pillow. harus la mak dia ni gila cadar and towel kan.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

my baby name

i want my baby to start with A.
the reason is that i want her to be the first of everything.
the first one to be call upon everything. hahah jahatnya mak kamu ini!.

and i want to call her by her full name. i want her meaning to be good too(owh my baby is awake,kicking.lapar la tu mak dia puasa)

Amra Female Princess.
Aminah, Amineh, Ameena Female Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet
Aleena Female Silk of heaven
Alina Female Beautiful

so far i love Aleena so much. been calling her with this name for a while already.
will see okay.

if baby boy i wanna name my baby Ali.

Friday, August 12, 2011

ketiadaan suami semasa cuti

i got a small tiny weeny problem.
whenever i am home, (for a day off/holiday/mc etc) i will miss my husband like crazy. i will start sms him non-stop and demand he reply every sms, even i already smsm him,i love you 3 times. hahah so conclusionya tak boleh cuti tanpa suami disisi nanti meroyan macam ni la!!!

today on saturday, he has to work.from 9-6pm for some bank rakyat drill. sigh.
i woke up, he wasnt around for me to jump on.
mengada nah you ni! memang pun.

i will always ask him if i am mengada, gedik, manja and all. he says yes. memang mengada gila.muahahahha siapa yang layan! siapa siapa siapa siapa! sila jawab!

okay perut aku cramp gila ni, risau sebab semalam p angkat file patient yang berat nak mampus tu. owh menyesalnya!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

baby cot

went to ikea just now to actually survey the baby cot. sigh, the only problem now is that, the bed side cant be pulled down or up. it is static. so frustrated. so yeah that is basically very important in choosing a baby cot for my baby. as i intended to put it right at my bedside, i want it to be easy access. sigh again.
but the changing table is a must! yeay!

so i guess im buying the expensive 4 in 1 baby cot and will buy either this
or this one come in soon, i wanna shop in aussino:-)

Monday, August 8, 2011

YahOOoOOOO bonus raya

baru sahaja pening kepala nak beli katil baby bayar dengan ape. sekarang kerajaan alhamdullilah dah umumkan setengah bulan gaji! yahOOOOOOOO!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

i want my own house

well actually i already owned a house. bought with a price of rm350k. monthly installment of rm1430. but this month is rm1750.die. i think its the insurance or whatsoever. i am not willing to call the depress to even talked about it.

the problem here is that, i am living with my parents and a brother. and another brother who will be home during school holidays as he is in kolej yayasan saad melaka in form 4.
i have nooooOOOOoOOOOOoOO watsoever privacy at all. our life(my husband and ) are all in our little room.(master bedroom is occupy by my parents)
our room has become a public room where whenever people came by for them to nap or solat. yes people go in and out of the room often.

my stuff is public stuff too. my siblings can venture my cupboard, dresser anytime they want without any respect.
i am lucky mr nik has yet to complaint, but i myself is not comfortable at all.
frustrated beyond belief.

i love having everyone home here, but i do want my own time alone.
sigh.i think i should be thankful that my family is close to me but privacy is something that i longed for.
i need and craving for.owh please.

i need to find a better pay job and buy another house to move out.

tinggal puasa

last friday, i actually gagal to teruskan my puasa due to bekerja macam buruh.
imagine start talking from 7.30 am, to by the time 10 o clock it is almost 100 patients with the list of 7 or more drugs in their prescription!
crazy. and all those CRAZY patient who are getting on my nerves is not helping at all.
so gagal sehari thanks to all those people.muahah blaming people is easy.

anyway, i have this wonderful energy during the weekend. seriously, usually as i arrive home from work, i was exhausted, then help out my mum with cooking and cleaning and then breaking of fast. after that i will sleep flat. tired. gila only wake up the next day for sahur and the routine goes on and on...


baby knitted shoe.

the only vitamin im taking during pregnancy. no obimin.

for me, this fiffy baby brand is the most soft fabric i have ever touch. lembut sangat. malangnya dah beli banyak baju brand lain. so angkut satu sahaja.

went out to survey baby cot with my mum. instead buy something else.
ahah buy 2 more sets of baby wear.
bought this lovely high cut knitted baby shoes. so cute.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

24th weeks pregnancy check up

went to combined clinic, to meet 2 doctors.
1st is the medical doctor. Dr Raymond, this time more satisfying than the O&G doctor who is so cold and wordless.bosan.
he upgrade my inhaler budesonide, to symbicort because my asthma is not well controlled yet.

2nd doctor is the o&g doctor. got myself booster of ATT injection. less painful than before. and will be doing my oral glucose test again in 3 weeks time. my next atenatal appointment will be in staff clinic. and in 2 months will be with the specialist clinic.sigh.
no ultrasound, just doppler my baby pulse rate is 158/minutes.

today is 3rd day of fasting. i am okay. hungry like hell. but still fasting. i want to eat something yummy please.

sigh next week baru nak beli baby cot. dah kena bayar insurance rumah pula. sedih betul.

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st day puasa sebagai perempuan mengandung

wow! tapi berjaya juga! alhamdullilah. mixed feeling. im tired like crazy. went to melaka to sent off my brother to his asrama. came back, went straight to pasar keramat to buy groceries with mum. came back home, rest for a while and start cooking. but this time my stomach is cramping.
maybe due to wind. or the baby is anxious in need of food or because i am too tired.
my whole body is exhausted. i can never rest properly if i take any day as a holiday. there is always a thing or two to do.
i need a proper holiday.

anyway must be off to bed soon, i need to get up early.

haus sahaja, pening kepala kerana dehydrated. lapar, okay cuma perut masuk angin!