Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how to make trifle my way

trifle my way.
you need:
1. sponge cake/swiss roll.
2.peach in can/strawberry/cocktail fruits

1.you need to lay down the swiss roll.as tight as possible.and press it to flat.


2.2. then open a can of cocktails and pour the syrup onto the cake first.to wet them. and press flat the cake. then array the cocktails onto the cake.

3.then pour in the custard you make earlier onto the cake.(custard mix with milk and sugar..only add water if necessary, stir continuously to avoid burn)

4. and then...let it cool a bit, before arrange peach on top of it.
5. and then, pour strawberry jelly on top of it. ( i used nona strawberry jelly, easy pitsy just follow the instruction at the back of the box) .until it cover all the fruits.

6. and then, chill and ready to be serve.. .....