Wednesday, August 3, 2011

24th weeks pregnancy check up

went to combined clinic, to meet 2 doctors.
1st is the medical doctor. Dr Raymond, this time more satisfying than the O&G doctor who is so cold and wordless.bosan.
he upgrade my inhaler budesonide, to symbicort because my asthma is not well controlled yet.

2nd doctor is the o&g doctor. got myself booster of ATT injection. less painful than before. and will be doing my oral glucose test again in 3 weeks time. my next atenatal appointment will be in staff clinic. and in 2 months will be with the specialist clinic.sigh.
no ultrasound, just doppler my baby pulse rate is 158/minutes.

today is 3rd day of fasting. i am okay. hungry like hell. but still fasting. i want to eat something yummy please.

sigh next week baru nak beli baby cot. dah kena bayar insurance rumah pula. sedih betul.

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