Thursday, August 25, 2011

i wanna write something smart

i have so many ideas to pour on into my blog, but then i know not most of the people can accept your opinion. i may not be the type of person who cares of what people think of me,but i do care that i dont want to offend people unnecessarily.i am that nice even though maybe physically i am a bit rough. but those who are close to me shall know that i am a soft heart-ed person and loveable too.

i love to dress up actually, put on some make up and all. but as i am pregnant, i hate doing all those dolly up. all i can think of is put on something comfy and that will be enough. that explain my hideous outfit and shoe(i wear crocs 24/7) and my increasing body weight doesnt suit me well to actually be fashionable. but i dont really care how people see me dress up.i may look poor and ugly but i dont really care because i am so comfortable. all i care is that my clothes are clean.that explain my torn out lab coat pocket that i sew back on with a black thread instead of white.hahahha.

the fact that i am so lazy nowadays, omg! i dont do my work properly anymore. simply only.i have no passion whatsoever, that i blame raya for a while. after raya maybe im gonna blame the pregnancy again. hahaah just for the sake of malas? no.i just dont have the mood anymore.i dont see myself as a pharmacist in a long run. perhaps i am gonna change my career soon if i have the guts to do so. i think i might have a better prospect being a lecturer or a businesswomen because i have this skills of convincing others and i am actually friendly and awesome towards customers. but not my free patient. i am so sorry for that.

owh since my pregnancy, i do appreciate my mother more, can see how horrible it is for her to carry me 9 months with 2 other children already. the household chores and career. i feel so humility just thinking of it. and so i am trying my best to be good to my mother. i feel so bad and ashamed of how i have behave before. feel so bless to have such a mother.

owh apekah yang sudah daku merepek ini. ini lah bahana makan 2 suap tiramisu secret recipe membuatkan daku tidak boleh tidur. husband dok mengeruh kat sebelah sebab kena 10ml ubat batuk. haha

this raya insya allah gonna be the best. because all of my sibling gonna be here for hari raya for the first time. totally gonna take a lots of pictures. to be kept as memories. i am pretty sure next year and so on it is gonna be a hard one because my sister and i are now married. for sure we have to go back to kelantan as well. and i cant wait to raya there too because my sister and i are married to the same family! my sister married to my husband cousin. so yeah awesome.
and i have a lots of bestfriend in kelantan as well.

owh until then..
i have a new disease. cant stop thinking of buying baby aleena stuff. haha i wanna give the best for my baby. i wanna prepare properly for my little one as i am so in love with my baby aleena already. especially after seeing her face today. weeee ya allah i am praying to you to keep my baby and me healthy and make my baby as perfect as you can give me. insya allah amin...

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