Wednesday, August 10, 2011

baby cot

went to ikea just now to actually survey the baby cot. sigh, the only problem now is that, the bed side cant be pulled down or up. it is static. so frustrated. so yeah that is basically very important in choosing a baby cot for my baby. as i intended to put it right at my bedside, i want it to be easy access. sigh again.
but the changing table is a must! yeay!

so i guess im buying the expensive 4 in 1 baby cot and will buy either this
or this one come in soon, i wanna shop in aussino:-)


  1. last time yun pegi ikea,babycot da out of stock,so end up beli playpen je,hehe

  2. uwaa bila tu.tadi pun x tanya pun. adoi.tgk website dia kata ada lagi.

  3. hey dear, try check out twins baby... drg mmg specialise in selling baby cots =)

  4. last 2weeks dear,mayb now da restock,cube cekidaut k!