Wednesday, August 31, 2011

7 months pregnant

and insya allah still counting. 28 weeks! wowiee junior juuu..

anyway, this past few days baby kick less. so i decided to play with her. been poking her a few time and wait for a response and she did kick back. hehe. trying a few times and she did response the same way. so happy.

i wonder why she move less nowadays. should google later.
however i notice that my strength suddenly has drop into the first trimester level. owh nOOOoOO i am so tired.

and my nausea seem to be coming back again.yikes.

other than the heartburn i am alhamdullilah okay.
insya allah.
this monday gonna have an appointment at the staff clinic at o&g. malas but im still going. even though they wont check much. but never mind.

just for the sake of hearing the baby heartbeat trough the doppler will make me happy anyway.

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