Monday, August 1, 2011

1st day puasa sebagai perempuan mengandung

wow! tapi berjaya juga! alhamdullilah. mixed feeling. im tired like crazy. went to melaka to sent off my brother to his asrama. came back, went straight to pasar keramat to buy groceries with mum. came back home, rest for a while and start cooking. but this time my stomach is cramping.
maybe due to wind. or the baby is anxious in need of food or because i am too tired.
my whole body is exhausted. i can never rest properly if i take any day as a holiday. there is always a thing or two to do.
i need a proper holiday.

anyway must be off to bed soon, i need to get up early.

haus sahaja, pening kepala kerana dehydrated. lapar, okay cuma perut masuk angin!


  1. babe..i pun smlm lps buke trs flat..perut msk angin sbb x mkn nasik..

  2. kan...adoii rasa macam makan jarum