Saturday, August 6, 2011

i want my own house

well actually i already owned a house. bought with a price of rm350k. monthly installment of rm1430. but this month is rm1750.die. i think its the insurance or whatsoever. i am not willing to call the depress to even talked about it.

the problem here is that, i am living with my parents and a brother. and another brother who will be home during school holidays as he is in kolej yayasan saad melaka in form 4.
i have nooooOOOOoOOOOOoOO watsoever privacy at all. our life(my husband and ) are all in our little room.(master bedroom is occupy by my parents)
our room has become a public room where whenever people came by for them to nap or solat. yes people go in and out of the room often.

my stuff is public stuff too. my siblings can venture my cupboard, dresser anytime they want without any respect.
i am lucky mr nik has yet to complaint, but i myself is not comfortable at all.
frustrated beyond belief.

i love having everyone home here, but i do want my own time alone.
sigh.i think i should be thankful that my family is close to me but privacy is something that i longed for.
i need and craving for.owh please.

i need to find a better pay job and buy another house to move out.

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