Thursday, February 17, 2011

a bad workers??

as most of my friends knows that i hate being a pharmacist. my first ever ambition was to be a lawyer. i was so into being in a law field, previously, i memorize the history text book, and i was the english debaters team.
when my father decided that i should be a pharmacist instead, i just agreed with him because i have no other choice, voicing out to him wasnt an option back then. i just follow the path he gave me.
i had a hard time studying pharmacy. as the interest is very low and it is hard for me to understand nor coping up with the studies. but i grad with good cgpa for my diploma, and better yet i was accepted in all the job interview i went to and even offered 6 jobs as a pharmacist assistant even before i graduated.
and so i work, and got a title of MAMA BOSAN by my sister whom, hate it whenever i came back from work all i did was sleeping. i was tired mentally and physically by doing something i dont really love.
one day, my dad told me that i will be furthering my studies to indonesia. for degree in pharmacy program for 2 and a half year.yikes, all the way the i go and got myself a degree.
and then came in the provisionally registered pharmacist( kind a houseman thingy like), it was horrible for me.i hate it even more.
and now a pegawai farmasi, where i am fully registered pharmacy, i am tired of doing this and hating going to work every morning! i was like huh? sampai bila ya?

and now i am trying my hardest to change. i am, like nicer to the patient. (but i am still strict, all those patient who begging me for more medicine or more supply of their drug, will be turn down) sorry.
i talked nicely, and smile a lot more even though as patient number strike 200 i can no longer smile or even look at their faces. tired!

and i dont know if i still want to be a lawyer.

currently i know i will be super duper master good in:
1)being an event planner! i love managing something(im bossy)
2)being a chef, haha i am skillful
3)interior or landscape designer
4)lawyer, i love a good smack on the head argument muahaha
5)lecturer or a teacher( get in class, do a quick lecture, quiz, smack student head, go home, cool!)

i know i should be thankful, that i am educated and a professional, that i have a good job, awesome family, marvelous husband, great friends, wonderful home and car, but i want to be able to say i love my jobs as well.
just that. maybe one day it will turn around, that maybe one day i will love my job, i know that day will come.(maybe when i become the boss) haha
but right now, i am just a pharmacist.