Friday, February 18, 2011

Mengenali pasangan anda.

in response of this post from her. click here:-)

within a year and a half after knowing my husband we tied the knot.
im not like some of you, who knows your husband for 3,4,5 and even more years before actually get marry.
before we were married, i was just like this. the way i am. i dint pretend,not even a single thing. i am crazy,loud,cranky,fierce,emotional, you name it.
and he seem to be accepting it.
As for him, he is very extremely caring, loving, serious, crazy too, soOOoO funny, dependable, responsible and etc.

when we got marry, (now it is almost 4 months), he is still the same. Being such an observer he really knew me too well by now.

just a sentence to explain the relationship between me and my husband i am so comfortable with him!

disebabkan saya jenis yang tidak cerewet, so macam mana pun perangai dia saya okay sahaja. begitu juga dengan dia .

maybe i am ignorance, but i dont really know how to explain him.hahah

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