Tuesday, February 1, 2011


back then when in my wedding day, i dint regret any single thing.
my akad nikah is very special to me.
my reception was humble enough for me to enjoy it, (as i hate attention from people) i was embarrassed all the time and dont want people to look at me.
just that,i have no idea why.

but i really do glad for what i choose. i dont spent much for my wedding day and i dint turn out to be a bridezilla.
everything was perfect the way it is.
except that my photographer was not the one i want. so just that.

and i love it because i had a good time with mr hubby, greeting each one of our guest and the fact that my friends had a good time lepaking at my wedding for hours! just that.

i dont need fancy wedding, just the memory is enough. so ladies, dont exxagerate on your wedding day. too many guest you invite, mmg wedding meriah, but do you even got a change to say hello to each one of them? do you? i did. and im glad.

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