Monday, February 14, 2011


in my last post, haha, i am emo. such emo that i cant voice it out but write it out instead. why im such an emo? it is because i really hate those things that make me suffer. i bet you guys will be too if your in my place at that time. to tell you the truth i dont enjoy that moment at all. why must i like it.
anyway haha i can laugh about it now(after a doze of happy pills of my own) and it has been a past.
but at that day itself i cant laugh. i hate it.

i get to know my dear lovely sayangness afiqah rahmat, from this blog. where i blog about my emoness.back then i was so emo(ouch now too, but for very much different reason)i was emo about my life(miserable as i study somehwere far from my family and friends), emo because of ex-boyfriend who miss treat me with a lot of things as if he is the ONE (duh!), because of my studies where i dont even enjoyed studying it( i hate pharmacy).
anyway now.

i hate my job because i hate studying it before. i hate the working environment to death.(it is a death place),but i love my friends who works there. they are the one who kept me going all this while.
but then i have so much to thank for nowadays.

for example:
my handsome tough adorable sweet sexy caring romantic down to earth trustworthy loyal lovable insya allah and many more.
my superb family,my awesome in law family and dazzling friends
my salary although i still felt like we are underpaid with all those workload
my own house, my own car.
myself to be proud of.

but i will still be emoing, why? because life is just like that. regardless all the good thing that is happening to me, there still test from god. that will make me emo.
sigh.with all this responsibilities, it is not easy to live on alone,alhamdullilah i have my awesome super hero hubby mr nik! yaayy!!

but regardless what, i cant lie to myself or anyone else. i am emo.
but then i rarely do so. because nowadays i am just simply like to keep it to myself, keep quiet. and i talked less too. make me think more(horrible actually)
it is not easy to make yourself happy why bother too impress other too much?

okay,pen off here. bye.

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