Saturday, February 5, 2011

i officially hate adat istiadat whatsoever. hate it hate it hate it

for i dont know what is the reason, my family is very freely, low on following this adat istiadat culture thing of malays.
and my wedding only have a few, or none, i dont know.
but i really glad i dont have any of it as it is a burden and menyusahkan family members. hell.
i hate them.
i find it useless to bersanding and get thrown with daun and inai and air. what? the purpose and outcome of it?tell me? if nak anggap, bayangkan, tak payah la. buang masa.
dah tu berarak ok i paham, but having toll? wth? tegah panas terik, buat-buat tak nak kasik lalu, sedangkan mamat tu dah kawin pun dengan perempuan tu? wth! ??? sumpah kalau nak main game macam tu dok kat negara sejuk beku takpe la wei, ni panas peluh meleleh buat ape?

sumpah, and im glad i dont do such nonsense to menyusahkan any of my family or friends!

sorry just a blurt out on my sense of anger and frustration and im so tired.
for those who enjoy it, go on. Good for you.

but im against it and definitely hate it!

takut nak ikut sesuatu yang syirik, dah la dosa dah banyak ni, nak tambah sesuatu yang lain, sia-sia, baik tak payah. and that is for me.