Sunday, October 30, 2011

baby stuff again

since fiki the wiki says i dont buy much stuff for my baby. hehe, so i go and shop some more. actually this is coincidence i wanted to drink some chatime at mr hubby brought me there just now for some tea and shopping.
and so i bought t-shirt for baby aleena from mothercare cause they got 30% weh, and her 1st toys! and my nipple cream.hehe.
currently i sweat like nobody business. my hair will be wet drench in sweat. why la? so i need to stay in aircond 24 hours.panas.

i have set aside, a few hundreds for aqiqah.really wanna do it within 7 days after aleena is born. however her tok mi and tok pa from kedah can only come on the 30th. so a few option need to be consider.

mr hubby and i really cant wait for our baby to come out. hehe i wanna gigit and gomol her much!

Friday, October 28, 2011

nasi ayam madu

home me and mr hubby...

hari yang tenang

got up, chat with mr hubby on the bed while cudding for a while. went out for a nice nasi lemak breakfast. and then went to the pasar to buy some fish, chicken and vege. came back, rest for a while. and cook some nasi ayam together with my husband. the house is quite. dad is sleeping, mum went out for mengaji al-quran and as usual brother is sleeping.just mr hubby and me.


2nd baby gift

one of the list of baby stuff that i want is this sleepsuits. went to mothercare a few times just to see and buy this and in the end tak beli kan.
yay today my cousin give me this:-). yay im so happy.rezeki betul.
hopefully someone will give me fisher price baby rocking bouncer pula ya. hehe :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks baby progression.

went to the doctor just now.with lots of question.but end up asking nothing. kind a getting the answer already trough the internet since i am so freaking hardworking in doing my own research.

stomach is easily cramping now.i really cant lay down on the left side. i rather lay down on my right side. more comfy. sleeping on my back also alhamdullilah doesn't give me any problem so far even with my asthma.
my asthma and breathing is getting better. pantang ice sedikit, doa and the steroid i have been taking.

baby alhamdullilah is healthy i assume. doctor do the measuring and the baby weight currently is 2.4 kg. my weight doesn't increase at all! i ate like nobody business already.
but nevermind i dont think that is an issue since baby weight is increasing. by 2 weeks baby increase by 200g.sufficient enough for me. although the website that i have been following since my early pregnancy show that the baby should be 2.6kg by now. never mind she can gain that in 2 weeks time okay sayang.

i went to mothercare on saturday to buby baby aleena pajamas. but end up not buying. i dont know why. never mind can someone buy that for my baby as a present? the pink 10 in one baby pajamas. :-) from mothercare.

i am so tired nowadays. can simply fall asleep anywhere. not much energy left after work that i dont do any activities at all. today i walk a bit more and i felt so exhausted. but i need to go out later to settle all my bills. just thinking of it making me nausea and tired already.
other than the cramping i am alhamdullilah okay so far. and the baby movement still doesnt hurt me at all. i feel at ease and happy whenever she moves. i like the way she moves ahahahaha..

braxton hicks

semalam kan, saya rasa saya mengalami braxton hicks yang sakit sangat. mula-mula macam perut memulas nak buang air besar. tapi dah pergi toilet tidak pula.
subahanallah, seriously sakit gila.
dan doa saya semalam ialah tak mahu bersalin lagi sebab mengantuk! boleh?
lama sakit semalam. dah tak keruan duduk.
and they say it will hurt more than 10 times of what i felt yesterday. T_T
okay..epidural it is!

Friday, October 21, 2011


will be my 26th birthday!
i dont know what i want.
but i do know for sure i want my baby girl to come out healthy and perfect insya allah.
other than that, i just pray and wish and hope my life will always be as happy as this forever.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

35th weeks check up

a waste of time. i dont wanna go anymore. can ar? it is such a waste. bosan. boring menunggu. masuk menjawab soalan yang sama for the past few months. and the doctor keep on adding drug to me. malas.

what do i know about my baby this week? nothing.

im tired. and malas. bye.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

revamp my bedroom

as baby aleena is coming soon, insya allah, i want to revamp the room. im gonna separated 2 side in my room for one side is aleena's and another side is ours.
i will change my current table lamp with this floor lamp. i know i'll be needing this in attending aleena at night while mr hubby asleep right.

im going to re-arrange my bed back as recently i change it to somewhere else. and then, im going to buy a new chest drawer for aleena clothes.
my cupboard kind a full and messy.

and gonna print out new picture change the curtain and add a few colors while im at it.

i am praying hard i will be well enough over this weekend to work it out! i need it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

mc 2 hari

nikmat sangat sebenarnya. tapi kesihatan tak baik ni memang tak bagus. paru-paru rasa macam dah rosak. adoi. hari ni kena pakai nebulizer lagi. and injection hydrocortisone lagi. adoi.entahla...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nipple discharge

i was browsing trough the internet this morning, when suddenly my husband notice my tshirt is kind a wet.owh then i notice that i have discharge coming out of my nipple! yikes. sticky colourless discharge. and what in the hell is that? before this there were some discharge, yellowish a bit. this normal people? im entering my 35th weeks of pregnancy,

Friday, October 14, 2011

35 weeks and sick

since i started pregnant i was never a healthy one. sick all way trough.imagine being coughing for the past 8 months , flu and wheezing occasionally.

this 3 days is the worst ever. i went to the emergency department for nebulizer and end up being injected with some corticosteroid. still i am in bad condition. today is no different but i am so weak to go all the way to the hospital.
how i wish i am a healthy pregnant women who just being concern about braxton hicks occasionally and cramping only. but as for me i have to deal with all this. asthma, and pregnancy stuff too.
now that i am coughing like hell, my upper side of stomach is cramping and i cry everytime i cough because it hurts so bad.

i am worry that my baby is affected to all this so bad. i feel even worse.
i am praying that i'll be healthy again. maybe all of this will go away once i deliver my baby girl.

Monday, October 10, 2011

baby at 34 weeks :-)

alhamdullilah baby is healthy. weight dah proportion to the weeks she should be in. and again insya allah she is a she. :-)
i got 2 days mc to rest. stay positive.
baby is now 2.241kg. i gain 500gm.
baby head is positioning down there.
her leg is on the right side. maybe because i slept most of the days on the right side.

now only i notice, yet to buy the baby diapers. hehe.
okay will do next time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

set bersalin

this is the hardest among all. which one should i buy? darn dont know how to make decision.any help please? what say you?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

husband is away

my husband is away for a week for his induction.
as he is newly working in bank rakyat as auditor for IT.
its been a while since he has to go anywhere for such a long time.
since i am pregnant, i have been too attached to mr husband. seriously like everytime i wanna be with him, spent time with him and i dont feel bored at all.
i rather just lay down on the bed in his arm, rather than go outside and all. i dont want to spent time alone but with him.
i became too clingy and dependent.

my mum says it is because i am pregnant with my daughter that i am too attach to mr husband. but i dont mind.i really love being clingy to him. even just touch or feel his skin is enough to make me smile. knowing he is there. (anyway before i am pregnant i was like this as well hehe)

when he is away, i told him to call me as often as he can and sms me frequently
too. yes he did. but only one day he was too busy that he only sms me hours after. piss off quite bad at that time. hehe. but of course he pujuk make me cair.

i hate being apart from him. i dont like it. miss him terribly much. the first few days is even worse. i am saluting those with long distance relationship!. i am praying for you all to be tough and all the love to you. seriously it is not easy. maybe during those years of before marriage( i can says this because i did a year of long distance while im in indonesia and he is in malaysia), is easier.but marriage is differ.

and being pregnant doesnt make thing easier too. i miss my daily massage, cuddling to soothes my pain. now that i am in my 8 months of pregnancy, my whole body is aching. and only his massage and touch can soothe it.
(mesin masssage ogawa doesnt work wonder like his hand.i did try during his absence ni with my dad ogawa machine tak menjadi, still sakit badan). owh no one to take drinks for me when im thirsty. no one to buy me food, i need to go out myself. uwa... faster come back.

my husband is so patience and soft with me. no wonder i am so mengada. right? :-)

just wanna says i miss my dear husband very much.
every night waiting for his romantic sms that will melt my heart away.

ps: after he hang up just now, he told me then only his other colleague remember to call their wife. heheh comel.

Monday, October 3, 2011

33 weeks check up

melampau kan every week check up sedangkan sepatutnya 2 weeks once.
blood pressure aku 105/66 pulse rate 120bpm.
hari ni check up jumpa dr houseman. so no scan nothing.
dia ukur perut saiz baru 30 weeks. pulse rate baby 169 beats per minutes.
aku tak tahu nak cakap ape.
perut sakit gila sekarang.cramping cam period pain tu.
perut bahagian bawah cam lembek berlemak semacam.aneh plak aku rasa. ke sebelum ni memang ada?

next week my appointment with al-islam medical center.
and the other week is my combined clinic.

rasa sayu husband jauh. rasa down sikit hari ni.
jumpa dokter tak tahu progress sebenar baby.
entah okay entah tidak.
sedih pulak.
tak ada support.

sekarang dah tak ada tenaga nak kerja. penat sangat. maybe pasal blood pressure low? hb low jugak kot.