Tuesday, January 18, 2011


today, i forgot to bring my handphone to work.
i was okay at first, but then by the time it is 10 am, i was anxious.
i miss mr hubby.
i always text him a simple sms ïm bored, i hate work. haha almost everyday and before he moves to his new company he will reply the same.
its just that i send him text because i miss him.

and today i cant send him any sms. so at 3.00pm i went to the public phone and ring him up. lega sedikit. i was looking at the clock every second, for the time to go home, but horrified to see the traffic. and by the time im on akleh highway it was 6 pm. i know i will miss him before he go to the gym.i really wanna hug him.

but he was already on his way when we met at the traffic light the opposite way.
he saw me, and smile. and that actually make my day!. happy!

now cant wait for him to come home.

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