Thursday, January 27, 2011

do i really care?

Last period started on Jan-17-2011.
Number of cycle days is 28.


Your next ovulation will most likely occur on Monday, Jan-31-2011.

Your fertile days are between Friday, Jan-28-2011 and Wednesday, Feb-02-2011.

If you get pregnant during this cycle, your due day would be Monday, Oct-24-2011.

maybe yes or maybe not.


  1. dear...dont let ur mind stress out about this:)
    but i knw how u feel..i pun mcm tu jugak for the first 3months of my marriage..but after 4th months i malas nk think abt it..husband i pun ckp jgn pkir sgt..kalau ada rezeki,ada lah, chill babe..:P

  2. hahahah okay, ur so nice to comment on it. i dont really give a damn but until someone actually commented on it and comparing me to someone else. sigh