Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Just a sudden rush of blue. That is why i hate having a day off without my husband around. Yesterday a colleague of mine forgot to come in for oncall. So i have to step in as a back up, while i was already on 8.30am-5.30pm working time i had to continue until 11pm! damn tired by the time i reach home.

Come back home and mr hubby prepare dinner for me, koteow goreng with telur goreng. Not only that being a romantic and caring husband, he suap me makan :-) owhkay i will be gediks and take all his attention while he still want to give. or else im the loser one when there is none anymore. But i do pray this will go on forever.

owh back to the topics, i actually miss the time just the two of us together. i mean really just the two of us. i am suddenly need a romantic getaway.
but the problem is, this month there are 2 wedding that i need to attend and it is in Johor and Kuantan! money is really a concern here.
sigh. i hate it!

On my wedding day, i never ever force anymore to come to my wedding or make it a burden to anyone. mind you mr nik side, none! i repeated, none of my cousin or relative come along to his side. i dont mind. but i do praise my husband side, they really make an afford to come to their family wedding regardless where it is. im so impressed.

anyway, i dont need to go oversea or anywhere far, i just want to check in into a hotel with mr nik. somewhere to just we can be alone and no one disturb us.

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