Saturday, January 8, 2011


I love weekend! Not only because we are not working! but also because i am able to spend 24 hours with mr nik!. heaven.
i must say alhamdullilah i found my soul mate.
we share a lot of common and that is the best part.

went for a movie marathon as i haven't watch both season of the witch and the tourist. we watched the witch first followed by the tourist.
i must say the tourist is damn romantic movie. secretive and romantic. what i like best!

i am trying to reduce weight so that if i ever get pregnant, i will be healthy. i dont want to be too fat and lead to pregnancy diabetes or hypertension. owh no.. i dont want to do any harm to the baby.

so as my level of fitness is so low, not only that whenever i attempt to exercise, i will have asthma attack. so this is my 2nd day of attempt, we walked far with food as the rewards, as for now, i cut on the portion (hahahahhahaha my portion) i just want my old level of fitness back.

we walked far and do climbing as well. free and easy. i had fun. because mr nik is so chatty all the way, makes the walk shorten.

hopefully this continue. praying hard.

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