Friday, May 27, 2011

series of dating

my husband and i have been so long since we went out on a date.
so we decided that this weekend gonna be our series of dating.

and so we begin...first and foremost with food.
and then we went for pillow shopping. reason for us to sleep more tomorrow morning. muahahha, and then tonight gonna be movie date.
and tomorrow night gonna be our romantic night. yay!

and many more...excited and so happy :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

rindu makanan JOGJA

i miss my daily food while im back then in Yogyakarta Indonesia. for 2 and half years eating this food doesnt make me bored at all. i wish i can have them all here in malaysia.first and foremost i miss ayam bakar in this shop. the sambal is to die for. sedapnya. ish..melel
then sambal special. its sambal terung is the best ever!Link

even the simple friend chicken has taken my heart away.yogya chicken.

lotek. is somewhat like gado-gado.. my favourite. sigh. rindu.

merdeka bakery that sell my morning kueh, that usually i ate with cili padi on its own!
my favourite nasik padang!


sometimes i am wondering if my baby is okay. is it growing good? did i do anything wrong? what if i did? what if i ate something that i shoudnt?
now that i have low lying placenta, i felt real bad. like a failure.
i hope my baby will be fine.
currently i am having a real bad cough, real bad.

im in love with my unborn baby already.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

owh NOooooOo

my baby and its home decided to go down mummy tummy . low lying placenta. im so upset and sad.
sedih sangat!
i wanna be healthy for my baby.
failed rasanya.
inikah rasanya failure bila menjaga bayi tak sebaik mungkin.
mendoakan semoga everything selamat.
i love you bayi.

Monday, May 16, 2011

my husband loves me very much

i am pretty sure all of your husband loves you very much indeed too.:-)

aren't we lucky?

well i do feel lucky. i adore my husband so much. the fact that he instantly knows who i am. understand me very much, and always wants to fulfill whatever i wants. i really appreciated it.

i am amaze at his patience. especially with me being such a lazy bum nowadays, and always sicks. he never ever complaint of how i behave and acted.
caring indeed. the fact that i am such a rebellious mother to be who is coughing for the past 3 months but still drinks ice, he makes me honey drink every night so that the cough will soothes and i can sleep better.

he never ever failed to make me smile, laugh, and feel happy. i love being around him. just him. just thinking of him makes me feel like there are butterfly in my stomach. make my heart beat faster and makes me feel calmer.

so girls, find a husband who is a friend of yours. who you can actually be yourself in front of him without even pretending a single thing. if he accpet you for who you are, you will be happier.

find a guy who you can actually: uncontrollably
4.laugh out loud a lazy bum
6.selalu merajuk and he will pujuk
7.who has the same taste like you at least in a few things, if you have nothing in common, haiyaa a bit problem ma.
8.snore nonsense
10.romantic(im telling you, in the future, you will be pisses of if he is not)
11.caring and loving to max
12.street smart
13.if you are lucky, you are his first ever love.(i am weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
14.who can get along with your sibling! all of them! (like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
15. can get along with your MUM!
16.who has his own hobbies. very important so that you can have yours too.
17.who is close and respect his mother, not manja ya to his mother.
18. who have many friend but not much of a best friend( then he will spent more time with you and the family.very important)
19. who doesnt like to lepak late at night at mamaks with his friends.(sakit jiwa nanti someday, trust me)
20. who his best friend is you.:-)

i love you mr hubby, and baby loves you too.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my baby @ 3months/ 12 weeks

went to kampung baru medical center just now. why i choose this hospital? no specific reason, 1st foremost its a islamic hospital. 2nd, i went there once for a procedure and they respect aurat and also their service was very nice.

i called in without an appointment, had to wait around 1 hour before they call me up. and then at last can see the baby with my husband. the heartbeat, masya allah strong and loud. and the baby size is 14 weeks bukan 12 weeks. hahahah big baby. obese. bahaya!
mak dia yang obese.
im so happy.

owh beranak situ ada package , if tak ada masalah rm1300 sahaja. tiba-tiba rasa nak beranak situ plak. anyway if memang tak ada complication ape-ape, why not?

Friday, May 6, 2011

motherly instinct

i work in a hospital. where i dispense medication to hundreds of patient everyday.
anyway, sometimes there will be babies crying because i am pretty sure by the time they end up in pharmacy they are all exhausted and just wanted to get home.

usually we will give ways to this mother with crying babies, where we will make do their meds faster and let them go home.
and other patient wont mind too. well let just say the sound of babies crying is not a nursery rhymes.

but this one incident that i noticed is that, one day a baby cried. omg so loud. and i pity the baby so much. i was looking over the counter trying to spot the baby and the mother. but i couldn't find. then my friend pint point a lady sitting without her baby on her lap or not she is not cuddling the baby.
so where is the baby???!!!
on the floor. a toddler i must say a one year old!
stupid mother! she dress her baby well in a cute pink dress. but dare to let her baby crying (maybe releasing her tantrum) on the flood of a hospital! how stupid is that!??????????????!!!!!!!!

come on! if your tired nonetheless of your baby tantrum, your baby is sick! you should console her! stupid mother! not dropping your baby on the floor just because you are giving up!
stupid mother!


tolonglah...janganlah anda semua nak kahwin, just because nak kahwin, nak reception yang grand, nak nikah day, nak dress cantik cantik, nak semua tu sebab semua kawan dah kahwin! kahwin is a big responsibility! please only get marry if you are truly ready!

jangan ada anak if you think just as semua orang kahwin beranak , aku nak beranak jugak! semua orang ada anak aku nak anak jugak, semua orang kata anak tu rezeki nak ada anak juga. ramai orang nak ada anak just because dah kahwin kenalah ada anak. anak is a big responsibility ! kalau tak ready tolonglag family planning. macam mana nak tahu ready, amik anak sesiap jaga seharian, kalau berak pun susah nak tolong basuh, pampers tak tahu nak salin bila, nak pujuk bebudak makan pun tak tahu, nak kasi tido pun tak reti, nak kasi attention tak pandai dan sebagainya..
atau erti kata lain, kalau masih mementingkan diri sendiri, masih rasa nak dapatkan sesuatu untuk diri sendiri, tak reti nak sacrifice untuk anak dan family. jangalah kahwin atau ada anak! atau erti kata lain ...SELFISH! tak payah la.....!!


emosi aku teringat budak tu dok atas lantai.benci mak macam tu. aku dispense pun rasa nak tampar muka perempuan tu!

Monday, May 2, 2011

spending time with mr hubby

we went back to my in law house in alor setar. my family in law treating me awesomely. i feel so bad for not helping out much as i am so damn tired. by the second day i almost recover we went back to kuala lumpur already. haha.

those 2 days i spend more time with mr hubby in the room relaxing with nothing distracting us. well in KL we have UNIFI were both of us spend a lots of time surfing the net, and work of course.

i just love lying on the bed, talking to mr hubby especially those days when we are still a couple. the memories is just amazing..

okay tomorrow still a holiday for me...
off to bed.