Friday, May 6, 2011

motherly instinct

i work in a hospital. where i dispense medication to hundreds of patient everyday.
anyway, sometimes there will be babies crying because i am pretty sure by the time they end up in pharmacy they are all exhausted and just wanted to get home.

usually we will give ways to this mother with crying babies, where we will make do their meds faster and let them go home.
and other patient wont mind too. well let just say the sound of babies crying is not a nursery rhymes.

but this one incident that i noticed is that, one day a baby cried. omg so loud. and i pity the baby so much. i was looking over the counter trying to spot the baby and the mother. but i couldn't find. then my friend pint point a lady sitting without her baby on her lap or not she is not cuddling the baby.
so where is the baby???!!!
on the floor. a toddler i must say a one year old!
stupid mother! she dress her baby well in a cute pink dress. but dare to let her baby crying (maybe releasing her tantrum) on the flood of a hospital! how stupid is that!??????????????!!!!!!!!

come on! if your tired nonetheless of your baby tantrum, your baby is sick! you should console her! stupid mother! not dropping your baby on the floor just because you are giving up!
stupid mother!


tolonglah...janganlah anda semua nak kahwin, just because nak kahwin, nak reception yang grand, nak nikah day, nak dress cantik cantik, nak semua tu sebab semua kawan dah kahwin! kahwin is a big responsibility! please only get marry if you are truly ready!

jangan ada anak if you think just as semua orang kahwin beranak , aku nak beranak jugak! semua orang ada anak aku nak anak jugak, semua orang kata anak tu rezeki nak ada anak juga. ramai orang nak ada anak just because dah kahwin kenalah ada anak. anak is a big responsibility ! kalau tak ready tolonglag family planning. macam mana nak tahu ready, amik anak sesiap jaga seharian, kalau berak pun susah nak tolong basuh, pampers tak tahu nak salin bila, nak pujuk bebudak makan pun tak tahu, nak kasi tido pun tak reti, nak kasi attention tak pandai dan sebagainya..
atau erti kata lain, kalau masih mementingkan diri sendiri, masih rasa nak dapatkan sesuatu untuk diri sendiri, tak reti nak sacrifice untuk anak dan family. jangalah kahwin atau ada anak! atau erti kata lain ...SELFISH! tak payah la.....!!


emosi aku teringat budak tu dok atas lantai.benci mak macam tu. aku dispense pun rasa nak tampar muka perempuan tu!

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