Sunday, May 15, 2011

my baby @ 3months/ 12 weeks

went to kampung baru medical center just now. why i choose this hospital? no specific reason, 1st foremost its a islamic hospital. 2nd, i went there once for a procedure and they respect aurat and also their service was very nice.

i called in without an appointment, had to wait around 1 hour before they call me up. and then at last can see the baby with my husband. the heartbeat, masya allah strong and loud. and the baby size is 14 weeks bukan 12 weeks. hahahah big baby. obese. bahaya!
mak dia yang obese.
im so happy.

owh beranak situ ada package , if tak ada masalah rm1300 sahaja. tiba-tiba rasa nak beranak situ plak. anyway if memang tak ada complication ape-ape, why not?

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