Monday, May 16, 2011

my husband loves me very much

i am pretty sure all of your husband loves you very much indeed too.:-)

aren't we lucky?

well i do feel lucky. i adore my husband so much. the fact that he instantly knows who i am. understand me very much, and always wants to fulfill whatever i wants. i really appreciated it.

i am amaze at his patience. especially with me being such a lazy bum nowadays, and always sicks. he never ever complaint of how i behave and acted.
caring indeed. the fact that i am such a rebellious mother to be who is coughing for the past 3 months but still drinks ice, he makes me honey drink every night so that the cough will soothes and i can sleep better.

he never ever failed to make me smile, laugh, and feel happy. i love being around him. just him. just thinking of him makes me feel like there are butterfly in my stomach. make my heart beat faster and makes me feel calmer.

so girls, find a husband who is a friend of yours. who you can actually be yourself in front of him without even pretending a single thing. if he accpet you for who you are, you will be happier.

find a guy who you can actually: uncontrollably
4.laugh out loud a lazy bum
6.selalu merajuk and he will pujuk
7.who has the same taste like you at least in a few things, if you have nothing in common, haiyaa a bit problem ma.
8.snore nonsense
10.romantic(im telling you, in the future, you will be pisses of if he is not)
11.caring and loving to max
12.street smart
13.if you are lucky, you are his first ever love.(i am weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
14.who can get along with your sibling! all of them! (like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
15. can get along with your MUM!
16.who has his own hobbies. very important so that you can have yours too.
17.who is close and respect his mother, not manja ya to his mother.
18. who have many friend but not much of a best friend( then he will spent more time with you and the family.very important)
19. who doesnt like to lepak late at night at mamaks with his friends.(sakit jiwa nanti someday, trust me)
20. who his best friend is you.:-)

i love you mr hubby, and baby loves you too.

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