Sunday, September 26, 2010

The wedding

let me introduce myself, im farhani a.k.a hanie and my fiancee name is farhan a.k.a mr nik.
yes Farhan&Farhani, both was born on the 22nd, 1985 but i was born in october and mr nik was born in november.
the reason we choose our soleminization and reception ceremony on the 6 eleven 2010, is because 7 eleven fall on sunday! yes. that is the reason! owh the other side will be held on the
two seven eleven 2010.
we have known each other a year and a half. He proposed to me on a rainy morning at taman tasik titiwangsa while we are having a breakfast picnic. owh breakfast has been a significant dating priority for us, as we both love instead of dinner buffet we always opted for breakfast buffet. (okay merepek sudah)

as for now our wedding preparation is on the way. i would say 50%. as most of the important details has been done.

owh, as for the avaibility of the update i would label the post as:
random wedding

so far the theme of the colour is based on my wedding dress.
i have sent them to the tailor and should be ready by 12 october 2010.
yes. im gambling with time here.
as for mr nik baju melayu, we havent sent it to tailor yet.sigh!

the theme will be either pink or gold.

as i havent decided yet, which colour to be worn during the reception on my side,as i would like to see how will the dress turn out like first. yes, then only i will decide. that is why i am gambling everything here. as preparation for other thing is time consuming for a b2b like me, who have only a few bucks to spent on.

owh and the wedding reception will be held here, at my own house, wangsa maju seksyen 5, kuala lumpur.

as for the other side, will be held at jalan langgar, alor setar kedah.

owh did i tell you guys that i am from kuala lumpur and mr nik is actually from kelantan but he grew up in the north region, i might says that it is another similarity of us, as i was raise in north region as well, perlis.
haha. yeah.

owh btw i will upload the picture of the stuff i have prepare so far tomorrow.
for those who read my blogs, lets exhange ideas on my short wedding mission here.

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