Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my wedding dresses

i have made both for my reception here and mr nik side as well. the reason is that i am not confident there will be my (big ass) sizes anywhere in malaysia! i have a small waist but big bust and butt! so yeah go figure.
anyway i bought both mr nik and i cloth at JAKEL shah alam. the reason is that in the first place, we visit this one designer that i wanted to buy my wedding dress for, from his picture, his workmanship was flawless. but when i see it clearly it was hideous and cost me bomb. so we went to JAKEL instead and agreed to pick and choose our cloth and tailored it accordingly.

my first dress the pink one look almost 99% like this and i couldt find the gold one.

anyway the wedding dress will be ready by next week anyway. i will posted it here.
i made both a modern baju kurung. but i have low expectation on the outcome of my wedding dress.sob sob praying hard it will turn out decent enough for me to wear and feel happy and beautiful in it.

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