Sunday, September 26, 2010

pre wedding syndrome

no i dont have a pre-wed photo, but instead im having a pre-wed syndrome, which means i cant sleep becuase i overly think of the wedding preparation.
the most thing that worried me is that i havent settle my borang nikah yet. i am worried that by the time i wanted to book the tok kadi, his schedule is filled already and he cant do my ceremony, how is that? will that ever happen? im so worried!
and other things that bothered me much is that my wedding dress will look hideous.

owh my wedding invitation card is yet to be ready. while my parents has been asking about it! and i need to send the invitation out when exactly a month to go. which is next week!
and ..argh!

and i dont have a clue what to do next. im stuck.
i know i have tons to do, but im stuck! stuck!

and now it is 1 am and im not yet even slightly sleepy as tomorrow i'll be working!
and why on earth did i wasnt fully awake like this yesterday when all i wanted to do is staying up watching tv!

owh no. and work stuff is taking its toll on me as well, as it mixed up with my bloody heavy mind of wedding preparation stuff.
i wish i have tons of money. with money it will be easier.
sigh. off to trying my best to doze off.
say luck to me.


  1. hi hanie! :)

    wedding preparation will definitely make u go crazy but try to breathe in and breathe out first k. i know the feeling when u have a wedding to prepare but with limited budget to spend on. so here's a tip for u. y don't u and mr. fiance list down all the thing u need to do/buy and just do a bit of brainstorming through it one by one. trust me at least by doing so u'll get an overview of wat u need to do. if u need a sample of checklist i can share mine with u. and if u need help on contacts of wedding vendor, i'll be happy to share with u. ;)

  2. ummphs:thanks u too
    puan rocker: you are so nice for helping everyone. tak berkira pun, thank u