Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bilik pengantin

i love bed sheet and towel.period! i love bed sheet! i rather buy a new bedsheet rather than a new cloth or shoes or bags. that show how crazy i am over bed linen.
anyway, i have bought the bilik pengantin bed sheet. i love it to bits. i have survey it before at aussino(owh my fave store of all, for it is the most colourful place), it will cost me rm499, just for a quilt cover and 4 pillow case.
early this month, i went there and poof there were 60% sale for members and guess what, the royal symphony is on sale as well!
i took the chances of grabbing a gold colour one which i have eyeing for a while, together with a cream 100%bed sheet and a quilt. total cost rm350! omigod! a good bargain ai ai ai
as for curtains i will opted to buy some lace sheer curtain from ikea. cheap and ready made.

i will get a nice big bouquet of flowers and walla...done.

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