Tuesday, March 15, 2011

being in a long distance relationship

i maybe not a good person for you to talked about this. (actually i used to be in a long distance relationship that failed. but wait for it...... not because of me, but himself. my ex is the one who gave up on it, not me. so im cool)

anyway, currently, mr nik is outstation(again!) previously he was in negeri sembilan,melaka and johor. and now in kota kinabalu(busy shopping on my behalf and he is so excited to do so) eheh chomel.

and so..we are on skype again. (owh wait, mr nik and i was in a long distance relationship for almost a year! back then when we were still a student, as im in indonesia and he is in malaysia) loh.
i lupa.

thank you skype for exist in this world. the different for skyping now compare to before is that, i can actually wear sexy and all in front of the laptop as before we are yet married to each other. hahahahah

okay waiting for mr nik to come back from PASAR that he visited 3 times in a day to shop and eat. okay he is back now. bye.


  1. ur hubby at KK ..wah best! ask him to shop at filipino market...if he happen to be at kk til sunday,lagi best can shop at GAYA STREET Sunday Market..hehehne.. ;p

    p/s : next time u come along la dear,nnt i can bring u jalan2 cari makan..muehhehehe (:

  2. muahhahah baiklah! next time i ada geng kat sana yeahh!! dia mmg shopping habis kat filipino market tu. makan semua situ. today dia balik