Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ali is 1 year old

Masya allah how time has flies. With 2nd baby they grown up so fast. I do feel it very much. The good thing of having a girl and a boy alreasy is people dont tend to ask you when is the next one. They even say wah can rest for a while or tutup kedai already. I dont know. As for now tutup kedai already as i am not really fit during pregnancy. A gew health issues that i dont want to take risk of.
Anyway must update on Ali development. He can sit at 7 months. He crawl at 8 months and he walked at 1 months old.Thank allah swt for his awesomeness.he is so adorable and cheeky.Very boyish as compare to aleena of course.he babble a lot because he went to taska since 3 months old and he has a sister i think.he loves to eat. Feeding is easy with ali. He eats anything. Ali is  still breastfeeding alhamdulillah. He got amir as his milk brother my nephew. And haziq my friend son.

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