Monday, September 22, 2014

38 weeks

My pregnancy is always eventful. regardless how positive i am towards it . The first pregnancy i was sick trough out the 9 months. however aleena was okay. until she was born with jaundice. then this pregnancy i was okay but my bp was high and my baby wasnt growing much.
at 38 weeks he is measure at 34 weeks.

Anyway, tomorrow is my appointment with the doctor. I am probably insya allah will be induce. I am hoping that it will go on smoothly since i really wanna give birth normally. i really hoping Allah swt will grant me with this,i so dont want a csect ya allah .

baby stuff is ready. house i clean and organize so lets do this.
the only concern i have now is aleena. sian dia.malam nanti dia tido sendiri without me as she always slept on my hand trough out the night. 
sometimes if she awaken at night, she will asked if i am okay in her sleep! yes ! so sweet of her
before sleep she will always kiss and hug me .

anyway maybe in the next post will be me introducing my new baby!


  1. May Allah ease the birthing of your baby no.2 dear... *hugs*

  2. InshaAllah everything will be ok. No worries dear. Wish u all da best tomorrow