Tuesday, October 28, 2014

my new baby

Alhamdulillah , dah selamat melahirkan anak ke 2. My baby boy. this is long overdue post. But still i need to document this for future references and memory. Just how i have been reading my previous past post regarding aleena,

My baby boy name is Nik Ali. He was born on the 23 of september 2014 at 6.01 pm at Al-Islam medical center . Normal delivery by Dr Norlida too just like her sister Aleena.

It is a total different experience with this pregnancy and delivery. I was alhamdulillah quite healthy trough out my pregnancy but with a bit high on the BP and with the same no appetite like previous one. However this has taken a toll on Ali as i give birth earlier at 37 weeks and baby is only measure at 36 weeks hence the pre-matured lungs and warded for 4 days for oxygen and observation. 

on the 23 rd of september i went for a check up and doctor says  i was already 2.5 cm and she says i am ready to be induce bcoz of my high bp.140/80. at 3 pm i was already 4 cm dilated and into the labour room i go. requested for epidural but was delayed and in with the urine catheter which hurt like hell. i believe the nurse is stupid. anyhow i cried bcoz of the catheter incident and not because the contraction pain. still bareable. anyhow after the epidural i was so relief and ready to stay inside the room just like Aleena delivery maybe untul 11 pm but at 5.30 pm i was already feeling extremly pain which is confusing because im on epidural i wasnt suppose to be in pain. 
the experience of the pain is horrible bcoz i wasnt ready mentally or physically to feel any pain hence the epidural. but nOOOoOOOOOo i was in great pain and apparently i was already 10 cm dilated and baby was already down there. 

so in with the doc. i can actually push easily this time because of the pain. i can actually feel the head down there and it took me 3 push and out with the baby. the episiotomy and sewing, doesnt cost me any pain bcoz the 30 minutes pain conclude all.

The baby came out and after that was a different story.
he is sick and i had to leave him at hospital for 3 days and now he is still fighthing his prolonged jaundice.the frequent visit for his bilirubin check is exhausting.

he is 208 at 7 days old
216 at 8 days old
170 at 10 days old
160 at 17 days old
152 at 24 days old
162 at 30 days old
aiyayayayyayayaiiii never ending journey

he is now 1 month old. from 2.7 kg to 4,2 went for 1 month imunization and further investigation on his jaundice. will get the result on friday insya allah

he will be having his circumsis on the 4.11.2014. long overdue cause he is not well.

aqiqah was done one his 14 days of life during 2nd day of hari raya haji.

i will write more on this later.