Monday, August 25, 2014

33 weeks

Baby is alhamdulillah 1.9kg.

kicking and happily moving inside.
persiapan baby and mama dah settle almost everything

just that my husband is going away masa i 37 weeks for a week. 
susah hati disitu sahaja.
other than that i am ok.

Friday, August 8, 2014

check up 31 weeks

baby is a bit small. 3 weeks behind age. 
sigh, weight is 1.4 kg. but the problem is amniotic fluid is low.
however other than that doctor says baby is looking fine.
hari isnin ni akan buat detail scan sekali lagi. just to make sure.
but insya allah.

baby dah turn down. so lega disitu. semoga allah s.w.t membantu aku beranak normal. tak mahu czer as i need to recover fast to take care of aleena and my new baby nanti.