Monday, July 7, 2014

25th weeks check up

Actually now dah 27 weeks. tapi check up ni
masa 25 weeks.
Alhamdulilah masa check up everything was fine.
Until i went for my details scan. Baby is fine. Alhamdulillah
completed dan sihat. Organ semua develop okay.
But, amniotic fluid is low. my level now is 10.
so when the sanographer keep on mentioning my air ketuban low low low
agak mengspoilkan excitement masa buat scanning.

baby head is still up. hoping he will turn down soon.
ya allah tak mahu czer. nak normal senang.
anyway berdoa sangat ni.

best buat preparation baju baby. haha
sebab tak payah beli stroller,crib and breast pump.

just kena beli new bottles and breastfeeding stuff only.
kat situ save banyak dah.

baby is now 930 gm at 27 weeks masa check up di o&g hkl