Sunday, October 31, 2010

random to do list

i'll be wearing a gold baju. can i have a red rosses as my hand bouque?
or shall i stick with white roses?
owh and i need to go and buy some flower to try on the hantaran.

i need to develop some picture for my room decor nik belum beli his shoes and songkok yet!
owh i havent send in my dresses for dry cleaning yet! owh no so many things to do!
Don said...

don't worry syg about the cooking and cleaning things.. i wont change myself 2 become typical husband when we get married.. instead u make a breakfast, i'll do it 4 us.. insyallah i'll cook 4 lunch n dinner 2 (if got time) if not NZ sudey hehehe... we'll do fine.. trust me..

by mr nik. how sweet is that!?

anyway, my besties throw me a bachalorette party last night at the royal bintang hotel. we had fun talking, fooling around, talking nonsese, swimming, eating and sleeping! hahaha not to mention a fail session of movie!

owh six more days to go.

i went to bangsar for threading and waxing! burm rm145 for it.but it is all worth it! i feel clean!

cant wait to get marry! yay!

Friday, October 29, 2010

life after marriage.

i dont know if i am well prepared for it. i am well insya allah prepared for the wedding day. but as for the life after it? well we dont have a check list for it. isnt it?

for such a simple thing, mr nik gonna move in, did i well prepared to make him comfortable with me? did i prepared enough towel? enough bedsheet to change so that he will sleep comfortably? did i buy a good pillow? did i brush on my cooking skill? can i actually get up earlier to make breakfast for him? as for now i get up at 6 am and only manage to get ready for myself!! and i dont even eat breakfast at home.

will i iron his cloth nicely? can i really take care of his feeling? can i manage 2 family at once?

better yet one single sentences can summary all, am i ready to take care of us?

to everyone out there, when we too focus on the wedding itself, how we hope of a fairytales life after marriage, and if it wont happen the waY we wanted it to be, we might fall down and crash.

as for me i am so much more worried about life after marriage rather than the wedding day itself.

insya allah, mr nik is my bestfriend, we can sort this out, slowly and easily.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9 days.

wow!less than so excited. all my cousin is excited too. yay!

dulang hantaran

at first i was supposed to use the ordinary silver dulang hantaran. but my mother in law called that she wont be having his side dulang hantaran due to some problem. so she asked me to borrow or find one. i was pleased to help :-) so i gave my dulang hantaran to them and im gonna used this instead. cake holder!
it will be a glass dulang hantaran. how cool is that?
check this out!

extra wedding gift.

happy, i order this trough one of my senior in hospital. she is so nice and she just got married last week.homemade taste superb. i have decided to give this to each one of the guest during my akd nikah. when i salam everyone will get one.hehehe

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wedding preparation updated

tonight my mum and i we decided to have a head start on the hantaran and door gift.
i have wrap the VIP gift.

and currently my mum is doing the bunga rampai for the hantaran:

and my house is full with the wedding stuff. sigh.

im hoping to settle everything by this week. this weekend we have a wedding to attend. and we decided to just enjoy the day before with spending time with the family while doing the mini pelamin.
as for me i wanted to sleep earlier that night. of course it wont happen. but anyhow im excited already!

Monday, October 25, 2010

wedding menu

paid caterer deposit. they will start to set up at 10 am, and by 11 am guest can start to eat.
praying verything will go smoothly. until then.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1 week and five days

yesterday i couldnt sleep. i was awake most of the time, i figure i am too tired that i became dad was giving me his second thought that he was afraid the caterer will con us! at this time where no others caterer will take us into his account and my dad is saying that, makes me so frustrated!
that is the other reason why i am so restless.

anyway this week is the last week im going to do anything. or better yet dont do anything. so that i can actually rest.
this week im gonna take care of my body. do my own lulur. losyen to the max. etc. i need to do threading which remind me i need to go to bangsar. maybe on the friday break.
im tired.

tonight im gonna actually list down everything. because so far i have been doing my wedding preparation without a list. jump on there and here.. crazy i know.

owh im so tired.yet again show must go on. off to work people!

selendang and tudung nikah

my mum and i went to jalan tuanku abdul raman(yet again for the i dont know how many times) in search of mr nik matching baju melayu(baju nikah) and my selendang for the akad nikah. we found one at the exact same shop i found my two (pink and gold veil) and mr nik baju melayu somehwere along the way. lega. then i went to ampang park for my tudung nikah at the same exact shop that i bought my 2 other tudung. settled. for inner tudung, go there, all the colour you want they have.
then we went to ikea.
i wanted to organize the room nicely so that when mr nik and live together in this small room, we will feel at ease. hehe:-).
for the picture mind my tired looking skin and face. i am tired.

owh all the veil is open for rent. anyone can borrow and pay me the amount you want to pay. i dont mind. :-)
owh and i also bought mini glasses for the centerpiece decoration from ikea. drinking glass so that we can reuse later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


what do you guys wear usually for bed? as for me any t shirt and a short will do. but most of the time i will aim for baju kelawar! it is so comfy. haha but mr nik told me he is not fond of baju kelawar. (well he doesnt know how airy and comfy baju kelawar is).
anyway, i went to La Senza for the second time this month, and bought a few nightwear gown for everyday use. it is so silky and comfy when i try it on that i grab two of the same thing. i dont care.
would hunt for more.

mini pelamin

as i am making my own mini pelamin hanie version. haha
i went to petaling street to look for flowers. it is ore expensive there than chow kit!
but anyway im going again to chow kit next week to ask if i wanted to do this gubahan, how much will it cost me, as im ordering for 2 and will be put as part of my mini pelamin is usually a opening ceremony bouquet, but i dont care.
but i think it is too high for a mini pelamin.

baju nikah

remember how i told you all before that my mum and auntie requested that i wore a white baju nikah for the akad nikah, instead of just wearing my gold reception dress? i bought one already:-) from wangsa walk. its cheap and nice. simple. rm269.00. so tomorrow im heading to semua house for the veil and tudung. owh i wanted to rent one, but i figure if the colour match with anything that came from the shop i bought my veil, might as well bought it. unless anyone out there has a veil that can borrow me or rent me for less tnan rm40. then i'll take it.
now all i need is a tudung and a veil (owh and to find a matching baju melayu)

Friday, October 22, 2010


mr nik came over to the hospital today to have breakfast with me:-) he brought me super nice sandwiches for breakfast and he bought a rose and this cuddly thing that i collected. and trough out the whole day friends have been wishing me with happy birthday that i am so happy until now! owh anyway, i am confirm with seri cempaka as my caterer. i am now deciding on a few other things. gonna settled it by this weekend. ok for now :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

caterer @ 10 pm

they arrove sharp at my house at 10.00pm last night. i know it was late at night but when they say they gonna come they did. i really appriciated it. i was so reluctant when dealing with malay in business(i know it sounded harsh) but you cant blame me when i have so much of bad experience with them.
for instant, i once went to RATU (kedai tudung) in semua house, one of the worker yell at my sister back when my sister asked her why she just sits around doing nothing to help me pick a tudung?
meanwhile we just went to buy a stupid baju melayu button in a chinese shop whom happily guided us trough 10 types of baju melayu button even though i specifically told the lady i wanted a cheap one. but she treat me with smile, jokes and laugh! dammit!
the same thing happen with mr nik tailor, they lost his baju for a while and when it is compare to my tailor, it was ready before time, a few adjustment was made until i am satisfied and she still give me rm 20 wedding angpau!

anyway, alhamdullilah this caterer send me a new quotation within the same night that he went back! at 12 am! omigod, that is my new birthday present as well. and since we wanted a lot of adjustment, the price is only slightly higher and i am very happy with it. alhamdullilah insya allah i pronounced we already have a caterer from seri cempaka catering! superb treatment!

happiness.thank you Allah s.w.t.

my birthday

tomorrow is my birthday! yay! happy birthday to me. i am 25 years old. and alhamdullilah the best birthday gift to me this year is mr nik mohamad farhan abdul rahman as insya allah my so in love with him.:-) happiness beyond words.
he said tomorrow there will be a surprise for me. he know i hate surprises but he is doing it anyway. but he did tell me that there gonna be a surprise so im okay with it.
cant wait.

i am more looking forward for the wedding day that i feel nothing much about my birthday.ok tipu.

dear all

please pray i dont make a mistake on choosing this caterer. it seem that everyone else is turning me down. except this. i hope it is a sign. sigh. i hate doing things last minuteT_T


today i am trying to settle my caterer. i havent found one. i mean i did but it is not finalized yet. sigh.
anyway, my mum and my auntie insist that i wear white attire for the akad nikah. and so i am hunting for one. a simple one that can be wear again in the future. sigh.
nak pergi carrefour la beli satu. mana-mana pun rembat je la.

dari cik liyana

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#1. what's the name of the blog and why u named it so
six eleven two o ten because that is my wedding date.haha my real life blog is
#2. when did you started blogging?
a month ago because i need b2b friends to help around and where i can express myself towards my wedding.

#3. your first follower
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

today progression

i was hoping to settled the caterer today.but i havent got my other 2 option for caterer quotatation. sigh. just because i have a good review on this caterer for the food, i wish to have them for the wedding.

anyway, today my BUNTINGS arrive! FEDEX lagi you all. why my kedai kad kahwin so nice? i nak promote dia zulfahmi dari GEDUNG KAD KAHIWIN puchong, service best! i puas hati dengan kad dia, and layanan dia. walaupun ada sedikit delayed sebab i malas nak update dengan dia(owh salah aku la kan) the card is printed accordingly. only 1 adjustment then it is done.
no dia:0126632527 can discuss trough email the entire time. and in the end i pick up my cards at JALAN PUDU.
owh as i dont want to wear any corset during the wedding day, i opted to use this SPANX instead. so i bought online for rm185 and received it today. supposedly. but sadly speaking my mum wasnt around so i have to go to post office tomorrow to pick up the package. happy:-) owh mr nik doesnt have to know how i spend my money. hehe this is how its look like.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

caterer and ice cream

tonight i received 2 quotation for catering. 1 is radicolously expensive and another one is affordable.
they quote me so soon and even chat with me trough facebook that im so imprest with their hardwork. its almost 11pm and they still work.
and so they quote me for 300px(it is expensive to do such a small pax rather than bigger one) aneh. anyway he quote me for rm5700 inclusive of everything, canopy, decoration food. i wont be needing any PA system as my wedding will be held in apartment. i dont want to bother people with the noises. and my mum wanted to add on teh tarik. so rm1/each will be rm300 extra. sure no problem. so the total insya allah is rm6000.

and my haagan dazs ice cream for the wedding has arrive! yay! im so happy! 1 big tubs of ice crea. owh maybe gonna add another big tubs of it. any fave flavour people out there? :-)

misi catering

gagal buat masa ini.
im waiting for quotation from:
1.mutiara catering
2.serisaji catering
3.sri cempaka catering catering

hope to receive their quotation by tomorrow. need to settle this ASAP!
wedding is in 2 weeks 4 days! die.

to do list

yesterday i made a few to do list. so i can settled a few stuff and be more calm.
as the wedding date is aproaching nearer everyday!
i settled the kebenaran nikah and sent it to encik tok kadi. he remind us to be ready before he even arrive. he dont want to wait for no one.

garang woh?

then i sent more of wedding invitation.

settled my pharmacist licensed registration.

bank in my SPANX purchase at maybank at 6.30am before going to work this morning.

and tonight im going to discuss the caterer stuff with my parents rationally!

i need to sent in my dress and mr nik as well to dry cleaning but im so worried that they will ruined my dress. haha!

i havent booked any hotel for the honeymoon.
i am yet to apply leave for the wedding day as well!!!


i got this award from her :-). thank you.

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thanks nora anne

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ada.i my blog list

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fiki wiki

xcukup 15 hehe.

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1. talkative
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3. Love veggies haha
4. friendly
5. crazy lol
6. no patience at all haha
7. Hot-tempered

Monday, October 18, 2010


what in the world is wrong with my parents? they wanted to settled the caterer but yet nothing is done! im so worried and so annoyed and so pissed off as well.
whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt is it!
i cant even talked to them! i will be tempered.
they should let me do it myself in the first place. and now when i give suggestion ada je masalah diorang itu tak kena ini tak kena.
im so pissed off!
i feel like screaming like a maniac. im telling you.
i cannot handle this and face it anymore.
i feel like running away.
sigh, i did this half day, i took a day off to relax. nOOOOoOO they cant leave me alone for a second. ada sahaja. ok. im tired.
i feel like crying my eyes out!

mr nik baju melayu

mr nik baju melayu is ready! yay dah boleh kawin, it is all complete. hehe.
but then when i went there this morning the tailor actually lost the upper top of his baju melayu! the gold one. i was furious.but i keep my calm. i asked them to find it or replace with the same one. they did find it anyway.
and it is all done. but mr nik havent done with the fitting, he will come over to my place tonight. so instead of doing the fitting at the tailor i decided to just pick it up and hoping it will fit him nicely.
all i need to do now is buy him a nice black shining shoe from BATA and a songkok. he dont have one.
his button for baju melayu already bought in semua house. mahal woh butang baju melayu rm30.
anyway 2 weeks a 4 days left!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

baju nikah

i dont have baju nikah. i will wear my reception dress as baju nikah. the gold one. as for me, i have spent quite a big amount on this dress i would like to wear it longer. haha actually i dont have any more budget for baju nikah.
so i might as well stick to wearing the gold one although i feel like having a white baju nikah. owh typical.
anyway, sigh.

catering and canopy

belum settled lagi. was supposed to be done by my parents, but unfortunetly they had a tough time making a decision.
im worried.

Friday, October 15, 2010

mr posmen

some of my friend has got their invitation and some has yet to recieved it. haih mr posmen jangan bawak balik pulak my wedding card ya!. as for today i proceed with sending invitation card via post. and also trying to find canopy renting! the GM Briyani doesnt provide canopy, thus their suggest of one is very expensive. i have a few selected already and are confirming with them for quotation and etc. better do this quick or else my guest wont have a tent at noon while eating! yikes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding romance

since most probably im not going anywhere for the honeymoon, maybe checking in at the best hotel in kl is the best idea. yup?
so i am currently torn in between. i love Ritz carlton room or royal chulan :-)

wedding list

i think most of the thing that needed to be done is done.
but a few things has yet to be settled:
3.honeymoon(macam tak ada je) hehe
4.kemas rumah
5.macam-macam hal detail kecil.
tak pandai nak uruskan sangat pasal wedding ni,

La senza

settle. :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

wedding menu

the caterer will be handle by my parents, however since we decided to have a dessert table, i have order this smashing colours of cupcakes for the wedding day.i have ordered 100 of the mini cupcakes. i cant order more, because i am afraid that my brother has ordered some too. my dad gonna add in some cendol. my auntie gonna make kuih-muih tradisional. and my super duper lovely the mother of my BFF, has sponsered 300 individual caramel.
im gonna put a bowl of hershey kisses chocolates on the table as well.
so i think that would do it. beside my sister in law is making some individual pudding and laksa as well! omigod why do i have to be the bride on that day with all those food? hahaha insya allah.

wedding favours:chocolates

i asked my future father in law to buy me some choco worth rm200 in langkawi for the kids. i asked him to buy hershey kisses and some ferrero rocher. he bought rm250 worth of choco but got rm50 discount. hehe exactly rm200. im so happy!
cant wait to put in the pouch that i bought in nilai.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

nilai 3

went to nilai 3 for the 1st time. frankly speaking not much of buying can be done here. but i did anyway. i bought lapik for hantaran dan juga paperbag as my mother insist on the colour theme. so my paper bag as what i wanted before design tux and dress tak menjadi.
i bought 2 carpet for the room. a long and a short one.

will order a bouquet of fresh flower for the room.
as i already bought a sheer curtain, bed spread, carpet, a wall decor. just to add a few touch, such as candle and flowers. done.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

random wedding

mr nik went back to alor setar today. dah rindu :-(
i went to do some treatment on the it.
hari ni tidak melakukan apa-apa preparation for the wedding. besok pula. nak buat mini pelamin sendiri. woho what a big project huh. im making my own ottoman cushion.but its gonna be long squarish instead. we are using our cleopatra sofa as based. hehe just tukar sarung kepada colour cream.
i went to chow kit to surveyed some flower for the decor. my mum gonna put 2 big vase of fresh flower together and a white backdrop to complete my mini pelamin.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

wedding venue

went with my mum to check on the small dewan the apartment hold,it is nice. with aircond and all(owh i dindt try the aircond ,let;s pray it works) with mirror and white long sheer curtains. thinking of making a mini pelamin myself. will see how it work out.

my wedding dresses

went to jakel kuala lumpur to find the bridesmaid dress, found my dress with other ranges of colour for you to view.
i would love my bridesmaid to wear champange colour dress
this is the colour of the cloth, not the way i would like my bridesmaid to wear hehe

wedding shoes

his side. pink fuschia. love it, will make me easy to walk in and out of the house.

wedding favours

nak ini please, anyone know anywhere to find?

owh i did a second fitting today, alhamdullilah everything is okay, all i need is to loose a few kg, haha or reshape my body, toughen up so my baju will look flawless.
will bringin them home tomorrow.

i bought tudung for my wedding already. from RATU. love it. simple because my wedding dresses is already full beaded. so i dont want to over crowd them.will be wearing a tiara on that day although i despise the idea very much.

wedding favours by my auntie is a bunga telur, i never thought i will have one. so yeah a little touch of traditional there.


take out all the hantaran after they have been stach out for almost 6 months! as i mention earlier i buy one item per month. because i have a very limited budget for my wedding. it will be simple as possible. so mr nik will be bringing home to alor setar tomorrow, as my sister in law to be will be decorating them as for me, i will DIY with both my sister and my mother along. we are intended to purchase quite abig amount of fresh flowers to decor.

my room is a ugly mess.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


pada baju kahwin saya. gila.

high table

hadiah untuk high table, my mum already bought this cute mini cup from a shop in great eastern mall. then we went to romantika to find a box that we will wrap in gold and tie it with a gold organza ribbon.
as for door gift, my mum already bought this cut mini pouch for coins, and my auntie is sponsoring me with cakes in a box. yay! ok. till then.

kebenaran nikah :2

alhamdullilah, since mr nik has settled his document yesterday, my parents and i went to masjid usamah bin zaid in wangsa maju, to settle my document. and alhamdullilah ustaz mursyidi is very helpful and we settled there immediately that we still got some time to manage and went to jabatan agama islam wilayah to settled kebenaran nikah. and within 15 minutes, all settled.
now all we have to do is waited for 6 november 2010, 10.30 am to get marry. yay!
i am so happy.

i think this friday or saturday both my dresses should be ready. i am going to sent in to dry cleaning and buy the tudung. that is the only thing that yet to be settled.
yay, love that everything is going according to plan and schedule.
owh no, but not my work! haha im having a big research presentation coming up. and i am yet to register as a pharmacist. haha.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

kebenaran nikah

kebenaran nikah is in progress. currently mr nik has settled his document. insya allah i'll be doing the same thing tomorrow.with my dad.
then if we still have sometimes to spare i'll be going straight away to JAWI to get the approval.
hope can settled by tomorrow, but it's okay if it wasnt because i'll be taking evening off from work everyday starting tomorrow.
yay. i wanted to go to chow kit to survey some flowers and also petaling street to survey some lanterns. but it is only a KIV matter.
until then, im busy writing my wedding invitation.

Monday, October 4, 2010

bilik pengantin

updated. i bought the sheer curtain from ikea already for rm34.90.yay! my mum gonna alter it since my window aint that high.
and i also bought towels from aussino for boy and girl. wohooo chomel!
i wish the guest will bring me this kind of stuff for me to use as personal use. not the pinggan mangkuk thingy cause my house already complete. hehe.
anyway off to bed.
today 2 things got settled.
1. mr nik baju melayu is officially sent in to the tailor for a rm100 each.
2.kad kahwin has been pick up. dad has book the tok the akad nikah will be held at 10.30 am.

wedding invitation

alhamdulillah, sudah diambil.
and my dad already book the tok kadi.
lega.perkara yang paling dirisaukan.
insya allah it seem that the wedding is going according to plan.
off to ikea, wanna buy myself a sheer curtain for the room~!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

wedding venue

the wedding will be held at my own house, by the poolside(im living in an apartment). as the caterer will be settled by my dad, i havent asked what kind of decoration the caterer will provide. will asked him later.
i was thinking of putting something floating in the pool, but i am so afraid there will be kids, swimming during my wedding. but i hope not as my wedding will be held at noon. usually no kids swim at this hour.
i hope all those tree is enough to keep cool of the area.
and since this is an old apartment all the trees and flower grew nicely already. so i hope the photos will turn out awesome.
the akad nikah will be held in a small dewan downstairs. i wish to see it one day and imagine myself of the decoration i can do.
as i will do it myself with the help of my sister of course. she will be the mastermind!

my wedding dresses

siap! yay! tapi masih perlu di alter sedikit.
1. muat pun badan i yang gempal ni.
2. alter tangan baju pink sebab tak menjadi flarenya.
so dengan rela hati tailor mahal i(charge mahal,so i demand service lebih la kan), terpaksa la buat balik. tak menjadi, mula-mula i nak tangan fit, ikut lengan and ada button banyak-banyak,dia buat tak tukar jadi kembang, seminggu lagi insya allah siap., overall im so happy with my wedding dress. mula-mula low expectation, rupanya menjadi.alhamdullilah.

so happy cant wait to wear them. as for my veil, mula-mula nak buat sendiri patch saki baki lace. tapi sebab saya tak pandai jahit langsung.butang pun buruk, jadi saya beli.
survey dah dulu, rm100 plus plus at least, tiba-tiba terpergi satu kedai ni veil dia rm50 sama harga dengan veil i tengok kedai depan rm169. gila kan!
so terus beli 2. satu pink and gold.
yes lega.
i love it!
insya allah next week boleh amik hasil, terus nak p dry cleaning!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

wedding photographer

deposit up with the photographer just now. im so happy. at last, this is very important thing for the wedding check list. tomorrow im thinking of going to my tailor and have a visit. omigod sow orried about my wedding dress.
anyway, my wedding photographer is Piiown photography. like their style and very affordable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

wedding card

simple and i love it. will be insya allah ready by monday!

wedding shoes

from charles and keith and the pink one i will update with photo later. from lewre.
clock is ticking! a month and a week to go insya allah. i am so excited!
anyway, here is my shoes to be wear during the reception.
my dresses will be insya allah ready by next week, will show it here.
owh i have so low expectation on my wedding dress. i wish it is wearable.
it is very difficult for me to find a shoe. i hate shoe hunting because i love the design but i know it will do no mercy on my feet. it will hurt me and bleed me.
but anyway this one is comfy enough to win my heart. love it!