Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my wedding dresses

i have made both for my reception here and mr nik side as well. the reason is that i am not confident there will be my (big ass) sizes anywhere in malaysia! i have a small waist but big bust and butt! so yeah go figure.
anyway i bought both mr nik and i cloth at JAKEL shah alam. the reason is that in the first place, we visit this one designer that i wanted to buy my wedding dress for, from his picture, his workmanship was flawless. but when i see it clearly it was hideous and cost me bomb. so we went to JAKEL instead and agreed to pick and choose our cloth and tailored it accordingly.

my first dress the pink one look almost 99% like this and i couldt find the gold one.

anyway the wedding dress will be ready by next week anyway. i will posted it here.
i made both a modern baju kurung. but i have low expectation on the outcome of my wedding dress.sob sob praying hard it will turn out decent enough for me to wear and feel happy and beautiful in it.

bilik pengantin

i love bed sheet and towel.period! i love bed sheet! i rather buy a new bedsheet rather than a new cloth or shoes or bags. that show how crazy i am over bed linen.
anyway, i have bought the bilik pengantin bed sheet. i love it to bits. i have survey it before at aussino(owh my fave store of all, for it is the most colourful place), it will cost me rm499, just for a quilt cover and 4 pillow case.
early this month, i went there and poof there were 60% sale for members and guess what, the royal symphony is on sale as well!
i took the chances of grabbing a gold colour one which i have eyeing for a while, together with a cream 100%bed sheet and a quilt. total cost rm350! omigod! a good bargain ai ai ai
as for curtains i will opted to buy some lace sheer curtain from ikea. cheap and ready made.

i will get a nice big bouquet of flowers and walla...done.

adik ipar


x sangka...

bakal kakak ipar ku comey skali!!



mmg comel kan

adik ipar sy pun comel sangat

owh so shweet.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


omigod only a month and a week to go, i hereby declared that my wedding prepration needed a stop for a while as i'll be busy preparing for my research presentation.which is actually 2! i can no more juggle everything. i cant take anymore off days, as work is pilling up!
and many other obstacle as well.

i need to go and settle my nikah document by thursday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

his hantaran

update his shoe. camel. besar hah sizenya. penuh dulang nanti
his wallet and belt in a tin.
a special watch for a very special fiancee of mine

i love this scent on him,yummylicious!
a bit only, as i dont know where i put the other picture, maybe i'll edited this post later.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

pre wedding syndrome

no i dont have a pre-wed photo, but instead im having a pre-wed syndrome, which means i cant sleep becuase i overly think of the wedding preparation.
the most thing that worried me is that i havent settle my borang nikah yet. i am worried that by the time i wanted to book the tok kadi, his schedule is filled already and he cant do my ceremony, how is that? will that ever happen? im so worried!
and other things that bothered me much is that my wedding dress will look hideous.

owh my wedding invitation card is yet to be ready. while my parents has been asking about it! and i need to send the invitation out when exactly a month to go. which is next week!
and ..argh!

and i dont have a clue what to do next. im stuck.
i know i have tons to do, but im stuck! stuck!

and now it is 1 am and im not yet even slightly sleepy as tomorrow i'll be working!
and why on earth did i wasnt fully awake like this yesterday when all i wanted to do is staying up watching tv!

owh no. and work stuff is taking its toll on me as well, as it mixed up with my bloody heavy mind of wedding preparation stuff.
i wish i have tons of money. with money it will be easier.
sigh. off to trying my best to doze off.
say luck to me.

the hantarans

the hantaran for me:-)
we bought one item per month as we waited for salary day as our shopping day.
we go basic to basic.
i must say if you know your wedding date earlier, to avoid feeling rather anxious on spending too much for your wedding, you might want to do the same thing.
but since we actually bought one item per month, we can actually plan well enough to occupy our living expenses not to be disturb.
as we both agreed to buy only those thing we actually used, so mr nik and i have decided to stick on it.
so here it is, non expensive, affordable, close to heart hantarans.
owh we even dont decide on the 7 berbalas 9 or anything. what ever we have that will be it.
so here it is.

my perfume which i have been using earlier. so from narcisco rodriguez, i really love the scent. and i wont change it as mr nik knows me by the scent.
i have been using this product on and off. but currently i am using M.A.C. but i mixed up with this brand for loose powder, a new shade for blusher, a lip gloss and liquid eye liner. as mine is almost finish. as for compact powder and lipstick i will stick to M.A.C
as i already have(leather) a wallet,a wristlet and a keychain from COACH, i just would like to complete the collection and ended there. as i will proceed with other brand pula. i am not into branded stuff actually, but i do love some thrilled of getting something out of my league to used. but as daily basis i am using charles and keith or whateoever that i find it pretty. i might as well say i am not a brand i'll be okay. as for the content, i will googled it up and posted it later.
mr nik got me a few barang kemas. he got me a bangle, a diamond pendant together with a gold chain. when he proposed he actually shown me with 2 rings, the first one is a simple gold ring (like lord of the ring kind a thingy) as engagement ring which i have been wearing it everyday and the other one is wedding ring, a diamond ring.
the story behind it was that, mr nik and i both went to habib jewel to hunt for future wedding ring. so i choose this simple flower design diamond wedding ring as it was almost similar to my mums( but her;s is way bigger and my sister one as well). but i just fell in love with it.
so on the day mr nik propose, he actually bought the ring i wanted, as i was so surpirse as he told me that he went there the next day, the ring was gone.someone bought it. i was frustrated because i fell so in love with the ring i really wanted it.
and that is the story.

i love all my hantaran stuff.
as he bought it with love and caringness.
as for the others mr nik sister bought me telekung already. and i hope that is it. no more. i think this is all more than enough.

the next entry will be mr nik's hantaran.

The wedding

let me introduce myself, im farhani a.k.a hanie and my fiancee name is farhan a.k.a mr nik.
yes Farhan&Farhani, both was born on the 22nd, 1985 but i was born in october and mr nik was born in november.
the reason we choose our soleminization and reception ceremony on the 6 eleven 2010, is because 7 eleven fall on sunday! yes. that is the reason! owh the other side will be held on the
two seven eleven 2010.
we have known each other a year and a half. He proposed to me on a rainy morning at taman tasik titiwangsa while we are having a breakfast picnic. owh breakfast has been a significant dating priority for us, as we both love instead of dinner buffet we always opted for breakfast buffet. (okay merepek sudah)

as for now our wedding preparation is on the way. i would say 50%. as most of the important details has been done.

owh, as for the avaibility of the update i would label the post as:
random wedding

so far the theme of the colour is based on my wedding dress.
i have sent them to the tailor and should be ready by 12 october 2010.
yes. im gambling with time here.
as for mr nik baju melayu, we havent sent it to tailor yet.sigh!

the theme will be either pink or gold.

as i havent decided yet, which colour to be worn during the reception on my side,as i would like to see how will the dress turn out like first. yes, then only i will decide. that is why i am gambling everything here. as preparation for other thing is time consuming for a b2b like me, who have only a few bucks to spent on.

owh and the wedding reception will be held here, at my own house, wangsa maju seksyen 5, kuala lumpur.

as for the other side, will be held at jalan langgar, alor setar kedah.

owh did i tell you guys that i am from kuala lumpur and mr nik is actually from kelantan but he grew up in the north region, i might says that it is another similarity of us, as i was raise in north region as well, perlis.
haha. yeah.

owh btw i will upload the picture of the stuff i have prepare so far tomorrow.
for those who read my blogs, lets exhange ideas on my short wedding mission here.


let me just say that i really need this to keep track. okay?